Sunday, January 3, 2010

my LOVE letter

My dear husband..
Hepi birthday n hepi 6th so thankful coz u always been a wonderful lover n my best friend all dis years..n hope it will last forever..its your love that shine on me..and it will always be dat way..

if sumone ask me 'how's ur life?'..i will happily to answer 'my life is perfect..i hv a beautiful, awesome and wonderful life' always grateful for this gift and pray for ur long life coz u n ur love is the best gift ever..

p/s..this 'letter' should be posted last week but sumting cm out..but here it is..i manage to post it even its already 2010..^_^

simple celebration for my hubby birthday..candle lite diner @ swiss garden kuantan..Hope my hubby had njoy da u with all my heart..


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