Tuesday, October 19, 2010

8 months

Again..time flies..hari ini 19 Oktober 2010 anak ibu genap 8 bulan, lagi 4 bulan akan genap umur setahun..Sekali lagi anak ibu menyambut ulang bulan di Novotel, sebelum ni sambut ulang bulan ke 2 pun di sini coz mengikut ayah..hari ini pun atas alasan yang sama, ikut ayah berkursus. Ibu ada google satu artikel untuk child's development.Sekadar tuk di jadikan rujukan dan panduan untuk di fikirkan aktiviti yang sesuai tuk membantu perkembangan anak ibu.
Remember, each baby is unique and meets physical milestones at his or her own pace. These skills are simply a guide to what your baby has the potential to accomplish - if not right now, then shortly.

Sitting, Crawling and Standing
 Now that he's eight months old, your baby is probably sitting well without support and may be crawling or moving about by bottom shuffling (scooting around on his posterior using a hand behind him and a foot in front of him to propel himself). He's probably starting to pull himself up to a standing position while holding onto furniture. In fact, if you stand your baby next to the sofa, he'll probably be able to hold himself up, hanging on for dear life and using the furniture for support.

This newfound mobility means that your baby is now entering the land of bumps and falls. These are an inevitable part of childhood, and although your heart may occasionally skip a beat or two, try to enjoy watching your baby explore his surroundings and discover his limits. Restraining your innate desire to protect your child allows him to grow and learn for himself. However, do make every effort to make your home safe for your child. For example, you should secure fragile objects (so they won't topple) and keep rickety furniture in rooms that don't get much baby traffic.

::memang anak ibu tengah enjoy explore cara berdiri dan berjalan..kalau di pimpin tangan langkah punya la panjang..dah pandai nak imbang badan ketika berdiri dan sangat suka berpaut pada apa saja tuk berdiri. tapi anak ibu still tak boleh merangkak..hehe..sangat penting k tuk tak tinggalkan apa-apa yang tak patut pada level yang boleh capai..

Using His Hand
Your baby may start looking for dropped objects and use his index finger to point at them. He's also good at using his fingers to scoop up a piece of food and hold it with his fist closed, and he's learned to open his hand and fingers at will to drop and throw objects. He's probably beginning to master the pincer grasp, the delicate manoeuvre that lets him pick up small objects with his thumb and first and second fingers.

::Tangan dia memang sangat cepat menggapai apa saja sekarang ni..kalau nak suapkan makanan kadang-kadang terpaksa berebut sudu dengan Faris..=)

Getting More Emotional
By now your baby's emotions are becoming more obvious. He may perform tricks, such as throwing a kiss to familiar people, and may repeat his act if applauded. Over the next few months, your child may learn to assess and imitate moods and might show the first stirrings of empathy. For instance, if he sees someone crying, he may start crying, too.

::hihi..memang sangat obvious..kalau bawa ke tempat ada baby lain, bila baby nangis dia pun ikut nangis..tapi aritu ibu buat2 nangis, Faris datang letak kepala atas riba ibu, Ibu stop crying Faris sambung main, then ibu wat nangis lagi Faris datang semula ( nak pujuk la tu..). Ayah kata Faris sensitif macam ibu..hehe

Dealing With Separation
At this age, most babies have typically already begun to show the signs of separation anxiety. Your baby may start to be shy or anxious around strangers, especially when tired or irritable, and when you're out of sight and not with him, he'll become upset. Although it's hard to see your baby distressed, it's important to let him experience this. When you leave your baby and return, proving that you always come back, you're helping him develop trust and the ability to form attachments to other people.

When you leave your baby, kiss and hug him and tell him you'll be back. If he's frightened or just falls apart, take the extra time to calm and reassure him. It's hard not to cry when he starts crying, but your breaking down only prolongs the agony. It may help to have someone else he's familiar with (not a new baby sitter) there to calm him. If your baby gets anxious about nighttime separations, spend some extra cuddle time reading, snuggling, and softly singing together with him before you put him to bed.

Some babies are good at separations and some aren't - it depends on their temperament. Every child is different, as is the amount of reassurance each needs. If you know your baby needs more calming, don't feel bad about giving it or worry that you're just drawing out the process. You know your child better than anyone else, so follow your instincts.

::adventure betul kalau nak keluar kerja sekarang, dah nampak ibu bersiap mesti nak dukung, bila dah dukung, atuk nak ambil dah taknak..paut bahu ibu sekuat hati ( dah tau bakal ditinggalkan)..
Exploring Objects
Most babies now explore objects by shaking them, banging them, dropping them, and throwing them before falling back on the tried-and-true method of gumming them. The idea that you do something to an object is beginning to emerge, so an activity centre with lots of things your baby can bang, poke, twist, squeeze, shake, drop, and open will fascinate him.

At this stage, babies like to see things fall down, get picked up (by you, of course), and then get thrown down again. Your baby isn't trying to goad you with this cycle; he just finds the spectacle interesting and naturally wants to see it again and again.

Your baby now understands how objects relate to one another, too. For example, he realises that smaller things fit inside bigger ones. He'll easily find something you hide, and he'll point or look at the correct picture when an object is named. And over the next few months, he'll start to use objects for their intended functions - brushing his hair, drinking from a cup, and babbling on his play phone.

:: memang sangat suka jatuhkan barang sekarang..kasi kat tangan dia n saja2 dia jatuhkan..itulah cara baby belajar rupanya..so sabar jek la kalau kena ambil barang jatuh berulang kali k. Faris bukan aje explore barang..posisi menyusu pun dia explore..hehe..sekarang macam-macam posisi menyusu, sambil meniarap, menonggeng ,berdiri n macam-macam gaya yang kadang-kadang buat ibu tergelak jek..hehe
Improving Vision
Your baby's  vision is now almost adultlike in its clarity and depth perception. Though his short-range sight is still better than his long-range sight, his vision is good enough to recognise people and objects across a room.

::Alhamdulillah semoga anak ibu membesar dengan sihat dan cergas tuk menjadi anak yang soleh. Semoga ALLAH sentiasa melindungi dan memelihara anak ibu..Amin



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